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How to Use a High Capacity Airsoft Magazine

Issuing time:2020-02-07 09:09

1)Pour BBs into the magazine. This can be done by opening the trap door usually found at the top of the magazine. Then pour high quality BBs into the magazine. Make sure to pour only enough. Do not overpour, as this could jam the magazine. Then shut the trap door tight.
2) Load the BBs into the loading chamber. To do this, wind the wheel found at the bottom of the magazine and listen until you hear a different noise than before. This noise indicates how many more times to wind the magazine. Wind the wheel more times to put pressure on the BBs so they will actually go up into the airsoft gun instead of sinking back into the magazine from gravity.
3) Place the magazine into the airsoft gun and fire!
4) Reloading the magazine. Once no more BBs are coming out of the barrel, and the airsoft gun is still firing (AKA dry-firing), repeat the previous two steps.
5) .20 gram airsoft bbs. Refill Magazine. Repeat the first step.
Do not overpour BBs into the magazine. This forces BBs to escape into the loading chamber when closing the trap door. This can permanently damage the magazine.
Use good quality BBs.

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