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Airsoft Troubleshooting - Simple Fixes to common gun problems

Issuing time:2020-02-06 09:09

BBs Most overlooked problem
Most Airsoft guns come with a small starter packet of airsoft BBs. Here's a great tip, throw them out or use them on the cheap airsoft spring pistols. They are usually low grade and can cause damage to your guns internals. CYC Brand BBs are seamless, highly polished and consistent in weight. This means minimal wear and tear on your airsoft gun internals and better range/accuracy out of your airsoft gun. For most electric airsoft guns use .20g - .25g BBs for best results. Never reuse BBs once they have been fired. They become pitted, cracked and irregular. Reusing BBs can damage your guns internals and/or cause some nasty hop up chamber jams.

Hop-Up, Don't overdo it
One of the biggest things that can cause your Airsoft rifle to jam or make your Airsoft Gun miss the target is a hop up that is set to high. Hop up is an adjustable rubber wheel inside the airsoft gun that puts back-spin on the Airsoft BBs. To little and your Airsoft BBs will arc down, to much and they will arc up or jam. Set just right your Airsoft BBs will follow a nice flat trajectory. Follow the directions for your particular gun when setting the hop-up. It's best to start with it off, and adjust after firing a round, until you get it just right.
Lubricate your Airsoft Gun
Your airsoft has moving parts and rubber seals that need to be lubricated. The rubber hop-up wheel can also dry out over time if not lubricated regularly. Use silicon based lubricants that don't contain petroleum products (Available at most hobby stores). Use the airsoft lubrication sparingly and wipe up an excess when done. Spray some down the barreland into the BB feeder port. Lubricate your airsoft gun after every 4000-5000 BBs are fired through it.

A couple of things that you should also consider:
-Always fully charge the battery before using.
-Don't drop it, it's not a real gun and impacts against hard surfaces don't help airsoft guns.
-for Ratchet/wind-up airsoft magazines, make sure you wind them completely until they make a click sound. When storing magazine, be sure to remove all BBs and release the spring tension. This will greatly improve the magazines life.
-Wear eye protection always, your eyes are the most important part of the sport
-Practice Airsoft Safety, by observing safe muzzle direction and treating every gun as if it was loaded.
-To store you airsoft gun, make sure the spring tension on the magazine is released. Do this by pressing the BB release tab on top of the magazine.

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