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Ningbo chengyi balls co.,ltd has been professional manufacturer of airsoft BB Bullets for many years from 2000.

Our Airsoft BB bullets brand is CYC,it contains 0.12g ,0.25g ,0.28g ,0.30g ,0.32g 0.36 0.40 ,and bio 0.2g  bio 0.23  bio0.25  bio 0.28 bio 0.30  bio 0.32  bio 0.36 All BB bullets diameter is 5.95+/-0.01mm. And no air bubble inside of BBs.  By the way,we also make OEM for our customers if our customers want their own brand.

All the customers who try our BBs send us good feedback about the quality.

Our sales markets are China  Japan ,Southeast Asia, Europe ,America and  Africa

Someone who are interested in our airsoft BB bullets,please contact us right now.

The official representative of the Russian Federation I.P. Maksimov V.A. the city of Rostov - on -. Don Avenue Queen 7/19 of. 315, telephone 8908 5150980, 8928 2262318

Официальный представитель Российской Федерации И.П. Максимов В.А. город Ростов - на -. Дону, пр. Королева 7/19 оф. 315, телефон 8908 5150980, 8928 2262318